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Week Outlook

We ended last week with a crazy short - most traders expected the Long Weekend effect and cashed out early, which is why we saw a continuous down-trend throughout the day. If you cashed out early and bought back in right before it closed, then you made the best possible move that you could have.

Why? Well, did you check pre-market values today? Have a look.

GME - Friday Closed $35.50

Yesterday (Monday) we saw a LOT of activity in the EU markets (although it was a US holiday, GME was still tradeable in EU market). Friday ended with a low value, but yesterday shot back up about +12%.

More short squeeze ahead this week - but I am virtually certain that the Shorts will give it time to dip before squeezing (you can see this happening near end of day Friday - they're using their head after the massive Wed and Thur squeeze and massive losses that could have been controlled better). So I am shorting (Stop Loss Limit Order) market open in case it starts with a dip (which it most probably will following yesterday's performance), then buy back in at the dip and HODL through the squeeze.

BB - Friday Closed $9.84

The new meme stonk has yet to explode - expect volatile bounces. WSB are hyping up over this instrument, so if it goes up suddenly there will be a TON MORE retarded buys.

PLTR - Friday Closed $25.64

Following ARK's investment, and the upcoming Palantir Day next week (26th Jan) we will definitely have an interesting week bouncing between support and resistance levels. Overall I believe there will be more buys, especially from the sensible traders that will cash out from GME and redistribute into PLTR, BB and TSLA. Stay vigilant for dips and buy in.

Tesla - Friday Closed $826.16

What usually happens after a week of sideways/red days? Traders stop shorting and start buying the dip, obviously. $900 EOW? Most probably.

AMC - Friday Closed $2.33

This shit just started fueling its rocket... It will moon alongside BB as it continues to get hype in WSB.


I am expecting a few surges, but it will continue to be shorted under the $40,000 mark as a record number of options expire at the end of this week and the next. If you don't understand this, imagine people betting that BTC will reach a certain target against trades who have shit-tons of BTC. These traders have the ability to cause a short spree by selling high before it hits the target. High value traders love to do this (Sell Covered Calls while holding a heavy bag then short before it reaches certain targets to cause short-sprees and big dips) with any instrument - Stock, Options, Crypto, ETFs...

Buy low, sell high - swing trade this week away

VIX Analysis

Down -7.11% (From $24.34 to $22.61) = Green day ahead, probably. Hold.

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