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Palantir is back on the menu

It's been a month and a half since that cuck piece of shit Andrew Left from Citron spewed out their crap article about PLTR being a "full-blown casino" which dropped the price from around $33 down to as low as $21. It didn't take long to surge back up to $29, thanks to WallStreetBet retards that throw money at anything with a rocket emoji, as well as those that actually did their due diligence and recognise Palantir as a very profitable company so bought the dip. Of course by this point some of the weak-handed holders ended up dumping their shares, and what ensued was a struggle down and up between $29 -$25.

Christmas Eve market opens, and it hits $29 for the last time, before it pitifully crawled back down all the way to $23. Scary shit for a bag holder like me.

Well, fellow bag-holders, if you didn't get in on this magnificent dip after showing how high PLTR can reach in a matter of days, I believe it's finally the month to shine and surge back up to $29.

But be weary - a lot of bag holders bought in between 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32 - so we will see resistance levels at these prices - weak hands dumping their shares at $0% profit after being in the red for a month and half or so. This will lead to us getting stuck around each of these points before it breaks through, the same way that the $26 resistance level took over 2 hours to break today.

Will it happen next week? Could be but most probably not. I would give it two to three weeks time, possible right before Q4 earnings report, releasing on the 11th of February.

So should you buy now? I expect another good dip next week, but no one can guarantee whether it will continue to surge until it dips, or if it will happen Monday.

Top Tip 1: Three trading days after 11th of February we will see a huge short of shares due to the 'lock up period' ending. This means that employees of Palantir who hold shares and want to sell will not be able to sell them until 16th February (short it before this date and buy the dip on the 16th AFTER market opens not on market open).

Top Tip 2: Swing trade PLTR in the mean time.

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