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Over 78% Surge Expected for GameStop

A conservative calculation on the short float indicates that GME has yet to surge up over 78%, over $69 (nice.)

Outstanding shares at the moment at 69.7M (nice.)

The conservatively calculated shares of people not selling the shares 55.5M

Deduct 55.5M from 69.7M = Total of 14.2M shares floating.

Ratio to latest short interest of 71M makes it 5:1 ratio.

This calculation is not taking in consideration:

This means that the ratio is in fact higher than 5:1.

What do you mean by this?

Well if you compare this to the 13:1 float ratio during Volkswagon's 2018 short squeeeze, a 5/13 means a surge of minimum 78% up to $69, potentially higher.

I urge you to take 2 minutes to read the original post by u/runrun8, and more importantly this comment thread by u/DancingNugs to better understand the works of this happen. The 2nd comment by u/DancingNugs brings about some very interesting insight that you must know before riding the next savage waves upward.

Good luck, stay safe, and pick reasonable entry points.

Hold as long as you can, and if you want to day-trade GME please make sure to sell using exclusively LIMIT ORDERS, and buy back the dip with MARKET ORDERS! This will not aid in dropping the price and help surge the price up, squeezing the shorts further up.

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