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Netflix FOMO

FOMO = Fear of Missing Out

Even the dullest trader would have assumed that NFLX would have a stellar Earnings Report (ER) for 2020 Q4. I mean, everyone is still inside holding on their Netflix subscription and watching TV due to the pandemic right?

+12.5% After Hours for NFLX. Of course I regret not dumping all my portfolio into it before market closed, but the past is the past. What's next?

Don't buy market open! I personally guarantee that we are going to see a deep dip on market opening as holders cash out on their earnings, especially the "risk-taking" boomers that took a massive risk by investing in something other than an ETF. If you are adamant on buying-in today, at least buy in when that dip bottoms out. Best play would be to wait for a red day and buying in while its on sale. This way you will not be buying high.

If you are lucky enough to be holding NFLX last night, then you should short market open and buy back in at dip (if you still wish to hold)

Overall things look great, and many traders will want to buy in today and through the rest of the week, so buying low is a worthy move.

Before you go, have a look at AMC, BB and GME's performance yesterday and last friday... That's a much more serious FOMO than Netflix's measly 12.5%. Clearly, you'd be better off investing in BB, AMC, GME, PLTR, and TSLA this week. The important thing is to target a good entry price.

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