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Invest in Crypto NOW

If you haven't yet invested in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) you should monitor their graphs aggressively and buy a significant dip.

At 14:35 a significant dip would be above:

31,000 BTC/EUR,

and 900 ETH/EUR

Why invest now? Well, we are seeing some crazy whale buys a few times a day, pumping up the market by buying around 1-3 Million Euro worth of BTC and ETH. The Bull rally is so strong that it's quite risky to be shorting the market for day trading, and it's damn near impossible to be swing trading crypto at this moment.

Analysing the previous week's graphs we can see nice dips a few hours after a large whale pump, giving you the chance to buy in at these times of dips - but be aware that these dips usually last for 10 minutes until they regain significant traction back, thanks to day traders buying back the dip, as well as newcomers like you who are timing the market right.

So how do I time it right? Set a target entry, eg 910 ETH/EUR and set an alert or Limit order at this price. Make sure you set a good target price, not too low but not high up to make it worthwhile.

Don't you think the crypto market will crash? At the current rate, it could be. If growth continues to accelerate there will most probably be a point where a correction will be made, but until then you should ride the wave and set a STOP LOSS in case the market crashes while you're not monitoring. I will make a dedicated post for this kind of 'insurance'.

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