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GME War Wages On

Updated: Feb 14

First and foremost I would like to apologize for delaying to such an extent in providing an update. Life has never been so hectic, with a newborn on the way in the middle of this war I'm up to my neck in real life responsibilities.

For retards like you and me, who have been diamond-handing GME through the past weeks of trading days, we have experienced the wildest rollercoaster ride ever experienced on the market. We've felt bull-highs that hardened our balls and heartbreaking lows that filled our hearts with rage. Emotions were all over the place every single day of the week, with attacks coming in from all sides as we play by the book and do our best to put the enemy in its place: in a corner waiting for the world that they've abused to bleed them dry.

I would like to start out this post with an overview of what has happened so far. I don't intend to keep this article short. In fact, I will try my best to paint an extensive picture so that all of you can see all the factors in play here, as a lot has happened so far, but I will write it in a simple manner. After the chronology, I will discuss the present situation and what the future of this war looks like. That's right, for anyone believing the news - the war has only just started. Don't believe the media platforms that are on their side.

I urge you to educate others on what you are about to learn here and share this post. As you can see I do not place advertisements on my website because my scope is not to make money with my articles, but to educate traders with the truth. Please be a catalyst and help each other out by enlightening others.



  • 2018-2020 - Hedgefunds (HF) such as Melvin Capital use illegal methods to push GameStop to bankruptcy, by betting against the share value then forcing the value to drop, creating counterfeit shares and raising the short interest to a record-breaking 140% of float. Important to note that these same HF had a part in the housing market crash back in 2008.

  • Traders and investors, including big guys like Michael Burry, catch on to this illegal activity and turn the tables around as GameStop reforms itself and starts pivoting in the right direction thanks to Ryan Cohen.

  • Q4 of 2020 - further interest in the situation spreads around the internet as the HF illegal activity gets the spotlight. Retail investors see the potential and start buying and holding GME.

Bull Rally

Wed 13th January 2021 - The bull rally begins at a minor level pushing up the value from <$20 into the $30s - this spikes up interest among retail investors and people start hopping on (including yours truly).

14th-15th Jan - Value range between $42-35. Cramer is on our side getting extremely energetic over the oncoming squeeze, claiming that WSB users are the Captains of WS now.

Tue 19th Jan - An exciting trading week begins after Martin Luther King day. The first two days range between $36-44.

Thu 21 Jan - Surges continue and the world cannot believe the volatility. In the meantime, Andrew Left from Citron starts their usual attack of spitting bullshit about why GameStop will drop to $20 FAST. Proves ineffective as it continues upward. I wouldn't even call this an attack as it was merely a shitty attempt to swim against savage currents. Left drowns.

The War Begins

Fri 22nd Jan - The value of GME explodes through a Gamma squeeze from $43 up to an insane high in the mid $70s.

  • We get the first two attacks - three Circuit Breakers (CB) alongside illegal short-laddering causing panic among the uninformed GME holders and they begin to sell, dropping the value down to as low as $55, before it picks back up to $67.

  • In the meantime the 3rd attack begins - all over WSB and Discord, fake users swarm the platforms urging others to get out of GME and ride the other trains (PLTR, TSLA, BB, AMC). Bots spam the same shit in every thread and channel, and some users follow them, selling GME to ride other waves.

Mon 25th Jan - The value of GME continues to explode pre-market into high $90s.

  • All through the weekend the 4th attack initiates - lies and propaganda by media platforms on Axis side claiming the squeeze is over when it has not even started yet, and paints WSB as the bad guys.

  • The bell rings and we start experiencing the 5th attack - doxxing broker servers. Almost every single broker gets laggy and no orders pass through for almost a whole hour. This is facilitated by increased activity of traders hogging up bandwidth. This pushes the price down to $85, but as the servers regained stability, buys ramp up the price to an incredible $159.

  • 6th attack - brokers jack up margin requirements for GME (meaning you needed further funding to buy GME on margin) and the shorts start dumping shares to cause mega-dips on the price.

  • Once again CBs break the flow, now facilitated by their short laddering into CBs. Some traders pussy out as the value drops and sell on the down-trend, bringing the price down to a demoralizing $61. The value picks back up to mid $70s and continues into After Hours (AH) and premarket (PM) up to $90.

  • All the while more users swarm WSB and spam discouragement.

Tue 26th Jan - Value drops back to $80, then surges up to an unbelievable $150 as whales likely buy-in (Musk, Chamath).

  • Citadel market-makers (MM) invest billions into Melvin Capital and show the world that MMs are on their side, and we start to understand who is behind and why Short-laddering is happening, even though it proves ineffective to bring the price down as buys heavily dominate the market.

  • Shorts double down again.

  • Cramer switches sides into Axis, urging us to cash out.

  • The bell rings and Elon Musk tweets "GameStonks" up to $380! HF shit themselves, as Papa Musk provides them with a cold plate of revenge for shorting his company, Tesla Motors Inc, for over a decade.

  • Shorts down $5B

Wed 27th Jan - fake media and short-laddering continues and drops the price to $250 before picking back up to $370 then $350 end of day.

  • WSB Discord gets disbanded and WSB becomes temporarily private into AH in an attempt to control spamming bots.

  • Fake news that shorts have all closed their positions - while they continue to manipulate the market and investors' psychology. The volume doesn't even make sense to cover all positions, and if their positions are closed why put yourself in a vulnerable position by perform illegal activity to continue driving down the price? A lie so clear that it's as see-through as window glass.

Thu 28th Jan - Premarket goes up over $500! Their biggest illegal attack begins: RobinHood and various other brokers restrict trading by disabling buys and allowing sells only, causing widespread panic selling bringing the price back down to $250 before markets open.

  • Traders start opening accounts on other brokers without these limitations and price surges up to a record-breaking $480. Short-laddering and bulk-selling continues and drops the price down to $115 before kicking back up to $320 and falls back down to $200.

  • Justin Kan claims that Citadel allegedly doubled down on shorts during the peak before pushing the price down to $115 to make a huge profit and control damage in their books before it shot back up.

  • The restrictions imposed by brokers backfires as the world starts seeing with their eyes and further billionaires, millionaires, politicians, and popular influencers side with the Allies and start exposing what's going on behind the lines through social media.

  • Class action lawsuit filed against RobinHood.

  • Bullshit RobinHood 'insider' claims that the White House is behind restrictions to spread panic - WSB exposes the bullshit coordinated attacks.

  • Allies start getting creative - propeller planes with messages against RobinHood and in favour of GameStop start flying around the USA.

  • Lawmakers side with retail investors against Wall Street Institutions.

Fri 29th Jan - PM surges back up to $380 before dropping to $250 then back up to $320. A boring day at low volume as retail investors are blocked from buying.

  • Short-laddering continues, media continues to blast bullshit.

  • More brokers (such as Freetrade) with restrictions, but this time they expose the ones forcing this decision, unlike RobinHood CEO Vlad who claimed to have restricted trading to "protect our clients."

  • Citron research discontinues short-selling research after 20 years and switching to long research. One more battle won, fuck you Andrew Left.

  • On certain brokers GME buys take a long time to pass, while sell orders are instantaneous.

  • VIX explodes and everything goes red as shorts liquidate assets (sell their long positions, causing panic-selling among traders).

  • Squeeze postponed as another psychological attack to cause traders to abandon ship, it works.

  • Kjetill Stjerne buys in

Through the weekend

  • Some who cashed out start a donating frenzy.

  • Traders paying for Billboards all around USA to promote buying and holding GME against HFs. Including Timesquare.

  • Plane flying a banner saying "SUCK MY NUTS ROBINHOOD"

  • Signs all over the place in USA - pavements, houses, offices

  • Film-makers start proposing pilot scripts for movies as well as series. Cramer continues to urge investors to cash out.

  • SEC announces providing $5.5million to any RobinHood employee that turns whistleblower.

  • More bad media claiming squeeze over

  • It starts to become clear that certain retirement funds will crash as HFs go bankrupt.

  • CNN interview with RobinHood CEO.

  • More fake news claiming shorts have closed all positions.

Mon 1st Feb - Media continues to claim that the squeeze is over and starts bullshit campaign that WSB has now switched to $SLV Silver to squeeze it - literally causing a pump and dump. Guess who's the 5th largest shareholder of silver? Citadel.

  • S3 partners act suspicious and seem to have taken the Axis side as they claim that Short interest reduced from 131% down to 50%. Clear lies between different tweets. From now on we cannot trust reported Short Interest figures.

  • Bloomberg claims % dropped to 39%.

  • NASDAQ claims short interest is way above 120%

  • Kimmel joins Axis - claims that WSB is run by Russian disruptors of US markets.

  • Ken Griffin owner of Citadel forced to sell his eight yacht.

  • Elizabeth Warren looking forward to investigating RobinHood CEO.

  • Traders start moving their assets from restricted brokers into Fidelity, Vanguard and other brokers without restrictions.

  • Traders start exercising long-term options to force shorts to buy.

  • Elon Musk calls out Vlad on Clubhouse and grills him, calling him "Vlad the Stock Impaler."

  • eToro sells GME shares without permission and force stop-losses that are non cancellable. They later revert, apologise and return all shares to shareholders.

  • A whole list of News channels on Axis side manifested on WSB

  • Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wallstreet) joins Allies and posts video "We are NOT FUCKING LEAVING"

  • Further and further investors buy in as shown through a Bloomberg terminal.

  • It continues to be a boring day - as volume reduces since buyers turn into holders and volatility reduces. This makes short laddering effective as they pull off heavy attacks using about $200M worth of shares, and push the price down from $320 to $230.

Tue 2nd Feb - A dark day begins as premarket goes down to $140 and continue to be pummeled down through the market day via short-ladder attacks, down to $90.

  • More and more fake news and bots with usernames such as 'Wise_Suggestion' destroy morale on WSB. Diamond-hands in the game are unaffected, but paper hands flee and cash out at a loss.

  • Revolut restrict buying GME and AMC.

  • Mark Cuban AMA on reddit promotes holding for two hours, then goes on CNBC to defend retail investors and WSB.

  • Bots full on at WSB

  • Overall a very dark day for diamond hands and spirits are down.

Wed 3rd Feb - Continues on the downtrend from $110 to $86 before GameStop releases news of three new executives joining the board. Price goes up in the hundreds before sinking back $91.

  • Point72 (shorts and investors in Melvin Cap) are getting broke and raise $1.5B funds.

  • Yellen SEC and Federal Reserve meeting Thursday (today)

  • Further billboards continue to pop up around the world, including European island Malta.

  • Moral all around the world picks back up.

  • Huge buys, counteracted with short-ladders result in net down.

Thur 4th Feb so far - WSB has been infiltrated, taken over by old mods, banning the new mods and instantly removing many new posts in favour of GME.

Present and Future

As HF continue with their illegal attacks to cause further market and psychological manipulation, diamond hands in the know are unaffected regardless of how low the price dips. It is clear that these dips are orchestrated to cause panic-selling, but this tactic has been overused to the point that we now expect it on the daily.

The short interest remains high as shorts double down, and it would have been very clear if shorts covered their positions during the past weeks, especially if they covered down to the bullshit reported figures by data providers such as S3 and Ortex.

The world continues to watch, despite the fake media tarnishing the image of WSB and retail investors. More and more join the allies.

GameStop are clearly on our side and we can now expect them to fight back alongside us, following their news press yesterday.

I expect the price to drop as shareholders continue to hold while short ladders become increasingly effective to drop the price. Although the ratio of Buys:Sells is always higher, we cannot hold the line through this unfair disadvantage.

But the price is not the point any longer. They can push it down as far as they want, in the end shareholders control the supply, and shorts are in desperate demand to buy them from us. In the end we dictate the price at which we sell it to them when the time comes, and their short interest is so huge that they have to buy each and every share from us regardless of how far they dip the value.

Endgame seems far away at the moment, and will continue to be blurry until the story continues. In the meantime shareholders must resist temptations to bail as we hold HFs from manipulating our psychology to sell off all our shares, which is exactly what they want right now.

Obligatory: this is not financial advice, I like the stock. I'm long on GME holding hundreds of shares.

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