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GME squeeze is NOT over

This is it! All you need to know to be in on the action.

The prophets were right all along, and the short squeeze rocket has officially fueled up. Misinformed traders believe that the squeeze has been squeezed, yet the numbers clearly show that we have just scratched the surfacee. That’s right folks, you are all still in time to buy a golden ticket to fucking Mars!

Do yourself a favor and take 7 minutes to read the details – you deserve to learn how and gain like many other traders. And if you want to be smart go through some of the references I linked and don't fucking yawn - this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

GameStop Bankruptcy and Shorts

What you need to know is that we’re taking money from the same rich fucks that were bankrupting GameStop while betting on it failing to cash in on profit, like vicious sharks circling hopeless prey. Except they're not sharks, because sharks are intelligent creatures. They're more like dumbfuck leeches.

How it was orchestrated

They would do this by progressively buying thousands of shares over long periods of time to not drive up the price higher with these buys, then bet against it through Naked Puts and instantly make a bulk sell to drive the price lower. Cash-out the bet, rinse repeat unchecked over the course of months and years – and you’ve got yourself bankruptcy, unemployment, and disgusting shitty people licking their lips and rubbing their hands together as they manipulate the market and profit from it while a franchise fails and blue collars get the repercussions.

Massive long term shorts were made from early 2020 expiring Q1 2021, and traders caught wind of this as the volumes are public. Investors got in on it, operations changed, and we are now seeing a revival of GameStop while the long term bets have to stay. Those that understood this bought shares early and diamond-handed it till this very moment that you are reading this. Q3 Earning Report shit the bed leading to double downs by the bulls, then along comes console sales in Holiday Season, and GameStop gets a boost of interest. The squeezing ensues.

What happened Friday 22nd January

The past couple of weeks was only just the beginning of the short squeeze as high volumes of buys were being ordered by intelligent or lucky traders (bulls getting in on the action), and by the shorts covering their position (bears buying back shares at huge losses). It was still under $20 on 12th January.

If you were glued to the GME graph on Friday it was a real sight to see, as massive peaks led to minuscule dips where buys continued to dominate and drive up the price in bursts.

Now in the meantime, there was a very high volume of Call options (bull bets) all below strike-price $60 and below all expiring on the same day, and as the price surged through these strike prices – automatic and manual buys starting covering these bets by buying massive amounts of shares and triggering massive surges. There were over 3.6M shares that meant to be bought to cover ONLY the maximum call strike price at the time - $60. Of course, there were TONS more below this value, about 12M shares in fact.

What this means is that every imaginable bet to rise made a profit, and every imaginable bet to go down resulted in a net loss. And there was a total of over 15M shares bet to rise that expired Friday and will have to be moved to the traders that made the bet by this Tuesday this week!

Essentially what happened was human and automated systems panic buying huge volumes of shares to minimize losses as the price drives up higher. I have now learned, that this is called a gamma squeeze, and this is what triggered the circuit breakers.

Circuit Breakers (LULS)

Three shitty LULS (trading halt), probably triggered by someone who shouldn’t be losing money, were made on GME around the $70 mark when the moment-to-moment changes in values were out of this world.

The first halt was meant to stabilize the auto-mode and stop buying to cover the call. One of the main scopes of LULS is to give traders a moment to look at their P&L and make ‘reasonable’ decisions (i.e. hope that they cash out on big earnings), but what also happens is that these pauses give time for the market to fill in the order book, thereby making each buy respond to smaller bumps in prices by filling in the huge gaps with a much higher volume of SELL limit orders in comparison the state during the squeeze.

The first breaker wasn’t enough – halted at 73, recommenced minutes later at about 66, and quickly shot back up to 72 where a second break was triggered – and this one did the trick. The momentum slowed down as the order book filled and slowed down surges, and ‘bulls’ progressively transformed into bears and started panic-selling their positions – where a third breaker was set at a lower target this time. This triggered some massive panic as more and more traders paper-handed their positions and order books were filled – giving the bears ammo by buying shares at lower-than-they-fucking-deserve values, as low as $55. They bought through these traders and destabilized back upward to $65.

All of this shit aside, circuit-breakers are great signs for Bulls.

Bear Panic

Bloomberg reported that Friday cost bears over $2B. All transferred into our tidy pockets.

This lead to a few kinds of attacks by the bears:

  • Andrew Left makes a stupid selfie video with one of the worst bear cases I have ever heard - targeting GME to $20 LOL

  • Attack on WallStreetBets reddit: thousands of new WSB accounts downvoting informative comments, and urging others to short GME and buy into PLTR, BB and AMC as it boosted.

  • Tons of great threads and DDs deleted and accounts banned and deactivated right before me as I read

  • highjacking discord and doing the same thing - urging bulls to sell GME and get into PLTR, BB, AMC etc..

  • The circuit breakers

  • Tons of articles trying to paint GME and WSB as the bad guys orchestrating a pump and dump and other illegal activity.

There was clear tension in the air, and WSB was actively discussing this tension and the attacks across different threads and chats.

Andrew Left from Citron shitting himself during his live-stream 'attack' that had virtually no effect on the market.


Andrew Left = Never Right

Long live karma.

Now the short volume – the number of shares in short positions increased around the peak of 70 as these dumb rich fucks, I shit you not, doubled down on their positions at the peak. You heard that right and I’m crying with laughter as I type this, these idiots don’t know that they had already dug their own grave, and they chose to continue to dig even deeper. They’re either shooting in the dark or just plain stupid – sticking only to the fundamentals and not thinking outside the box while taking VERY RISKY POSITIONS. Seriously, Melvin Capital, down 15% overall so far, is already bankrupt at this point – they cannot afford to cover their positions at current prices, and there’s plenty of squeezing left, which means that the debt is going to get far worse.

Gabriel Plotkin, Founder of Melvin Capital


Press F[uck You] to pay respects

So, thanks to the new double-down positions, the volume of shorts for this Friday 29th January was pushed back up above 68M, and short interest verified at FUCKING 139.67% (see image below) and %float at 249.67% with 97.68% shares being shorted! This means that a TON of short positions, old and new since Friday, will need to be closed by the end of this week as a whole journey of insane waves lay ahead of us.

Short Interest at 139.67% from Shortsight

We should expect savage volatility tomorrow, which will lead to another gamma squeeze starting most probably during the next two days. If the price stays above $60, the gamma squeeze could trigger an infinity squeeze like VW.

Prepare yourself

Over the course of the weekend, you can bet your sweet about-to-become-rich ass that this squeeze has generated a lot of interest, while a ton of excitement brews in WallStreetBets as degenerates want to sell their whole portfolios and ALL-IN into GME come Monday, some of which sold on Friday and are returning. (N.B. – set a stop loss limit order for other stonks in case they dip? Then use that cash to buy more GME tickets)

On the other side, the ones losing are attempting to instill doubt and insecurity to break down holders to lower the price, and persuade potential buyers to pussy out and not drive up the price higher – while they themselves have a week of waiting for us bulls to sell so that the price lowers and minimizes damage. Here's a thread with a list of shit news, with more in the comments, including some between-the-lines slander coming from Goldman Sachs after their part in orchestrating the housing market crash in 2008 and god knows the manipulation they have successfully conducted.

Aside from this dynamic fight, over the course of Monday and Tuesday, all those thousands of Naked Calls that were exercised last Friday will have to be bought from the market and transferred to the owner of the exercised bet. All these buys and transfers will drive up the price as bears HAVE to keep buying more shares. This will lead to further panic-buys that will trigger margin-calls and trigger the ultimate bomb, similar to VW in 2008. We’re not going to the moon, soldier. We’re blasting past it through to the next solar system. Hopefully with an ALL IN PORTFOLIO and a solid exit plan to eject as astronauts.


I know I will try to gobble up as many shares as I can.


Top Tip: When you do make it out, give a little bit of your earnings to the unfortunate in need – donate for food, shelter, clothing, and you will pretty much become Robin Hood.

Feel free to hit me up in the chat for a discussion.

EDIT @ 17:00 CET - updated figures: Short Interest, %float, %shorting shares

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