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GameStop Short Squeeze BEGINS - expect more

GME's short squeeze, which I never believed in, began yesterday - spiking up to an unbelievable +90% and more, later settling down to a still unbelievable +64%. Yesterday is going down in history, along with WallStreetBet's large part in conducting this short squeeze.

Now here's an incredible diamond hands gain porn by DeepFuckingValue (AKA Roaring Kitty on Youtube), that will induce so much FOMO in you you will probably panic buy next peak:

So what should we do next? I don't know how it's being calculated from the volume, but apparently there are many more shorts that need to buy massive amounts of shares to have their written Calls exercised by the traders holding theses Calls. Which means that although it spiked up like crazy, we have yet to see something similar happen again by Friday as well at some point next week.

My strategy: wait for a dip today, and pump up that bitch.


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