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Bitcoin - Invest today or regret it

All cryptos are taking a massive dip today! It's seriously the best time you could enter since 5th January! Imagine being able to go back in time 15 days and buying in before it reaches BTC's all time high. That's the opportunity you have right now, this very moment.

But will it reach the 42,000 all time high again?

A lot of factors are in play, you can read a couple of due diligence reports and quickly understand that the large investor attention is still very much on, and whale buys continue each day. When the price dips like this it doesn't take more than a day for further whale investors to buy in at such a low price and drive the price up again.

The one thing I believe you should know is that there are a ton of crypto options expiring end of this week and next week - which means that investors with huge crypto holdings will continue to short it before reaching the all time high again so that they don't lose out on their covered calls, hoping for them to expire worthless.

What the fuck do you mean by this?

In short - BTC's price will continue to bounce up and down between $33,000 - $41,000 - which is a great opportunity to learn to day-trade and swing-trade crypto currencies and make free money!

Buy in, no regrets!

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