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The Legendary DFV doubled his position from 50k -> 100k shares ❤🚀


TLDR - Why I'm long on GME

Due to recent changes to the company's direction, I can envision a potent future for GameStop therefore I'm long GME. I am also aware of the huge volume of short interest in GME & ETFs which will need to be covered eventually and will naturally provide to the value of the stock.

I am aware of clear manipulation meant to discourage the retail investor in selling off their position in this stock, and to me personally is an indication that the ones holding the short positions are in a dangerous situation which they have put themselves in. I am not blind to not see or stupid enough to fall for such illusions, and so am not disheartened to abandon what I know about GameStop as well as what I believe it will become.

Despite having to swim against whale currents, I like the stock and will continue to hold through 💎🤲 It's been an incredible ride so far, and look forward to further ups and struggles



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XRT & other ETFs holding GME shares - The newest big thing! Read the invaluable comments in these threads


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3 Feb At this point, the price drops don't matter. Trying to scare investors into selling, they are desparate for our shares.

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